How to Play Freeze Tag – the hot active game!

How Hot Is A Game Called Freeze Tag?

If you’re looking for a physical activity that integrates both amusement and exercise into one action packed game, then freeze tag is the game for you. This outdoors game is a cross between Cops and Robbers and the all classic Tag game, making a blended variant that far outshines both original predecessors–at least to us, anyway. So, what’re you waiting for? Let’s scroll right down into the tutorial of this beloved game, Freeze Tag!


One of the best parts about freeze tag is there are no materials required to play other than excited, abled bodies, and an open space to run around in. Although, some variations of the game include pocket flags, similar to the ones you’d see in a game of Flag Football, in which players are required to take the flag instead of tag the individual. While this does prevent tag disputes, as well as minimizes contact which can prevent injury and other scuffles, it certainly isn’t required to have a fun, enjoyable game.

How To Play Freeze Tag

  1. Split up players into two teams, those who are runners and those who are chasers.
  2. Typically, runners are granted a head start of about three to five seconds but  it’s up to your preference.
  3. After being allowed to run, chasers must chase the runners with the goal of tagging them.
  4. Once a runner is tagged, they must freeze in place like a statue – no moving!
  5. A frozen tagger can become unfrozen if an active tagger tags them. After being unfrozen, they may begin running once again.
  6. The game is played until time is called, or if all taggers are caught.

Team Size

You’ll need a minimum of three players to play (two runners, one chaser) this game.  We typically prefer larger party sizes as that livens up the play. This makes it ideal for class settings, especially during recess when kids are free to run around in a yard.

Freeze Tag Variations

  1. Hot Lava Freeze Tag: See the video below.  The ground is hot lava so no one can put their bare feet on it!  Players (chasers & runners) have 30 seconds to choose however many items that they step on as they run to avoid the hot lava!  This is a super fun version as it slows down the game play and makes it more challenging.
  2. Cartoon Freeze Tag: This variation plays the same as Freeze Tag except when a chaser unfreezes you (a runner), you must yell out the name of a cartoon.  You may not repeat any cartoon names.  Remain frozen if a name is repeated!

Time Required

Time is dependent on the athletic skill of the chasers and/or the unfreezing abilities of the runner. Games that end by simply exceeding time are more common than those that are played till completion. Generally, parents and teachers allow for fifteen minutes of play to each round, but it’s entirely up to choice. The only thing you can’t control in this game is how much fun you’ll be having, and we promise you’ll have a blast playing the outdoor game that is freeze tag!

Freeze Tag Video Tutorial