Remember the classic arcade and game room game air hockey? Learn how to play air hockey and the air hockey rules at Game on!

How to Play Air Hockey

Game rooms have always been a part of childhood memories and a definite favorite is air hockey. It’s a fast paced game guaranteed to bring loads of excitement to families and groups of friends. Air hockey isn’t only found in game rooms, but have also been integrated in arcades all over the world. So when you’re done reading this article, ask Mom for a few quarters, grab a friend, and go get some air!

According to Wikipedia, air hockey originated in the 1960s already as a project started by Brunswick Billiards. A pause was put on the production of this game, but in 1972 it was released to the public, turning it into a huge success. Today it is not only played by families, but there are serious tournaments that take place!

If you haven’t played air hockey before, we’ve got you covered. Just follow these simple air hockey rules and you’ll be ready to play in a tournament in no time!

Air Hockey Requirements

You will need a friend to play with as this is a two-player game. You will also need an air hockey table as well as the ‘mallets’ and a puck.

How to Play Air Hockey

  1. You will have to decide which of you will be going first. You can do this by tossing a coin or simply deciding to let your friend go first – go easy; they’ll need it for the beating you’re gonna give them.
  2. The player who goes first will place the puck on his side of the table, pushing it towards you with his mallet. The player must do this within 7 seconds otherwise the puck will then be returned to you for a turn.
  3. Once you have the puck, the same rule applies: push the puck toward your friend. The goal of this game is to score as many goals on the opponent’s side. It is thus very important that you protect your goal at all times.
  4. If you hit the puck too hard with unbelievable Hulk-strength and it leaves the table then you’ll have to return the puck to your friend.
  5. When you do have a goal, you have to give the puck to your opponent for him to start the new ‘round’.
  6. The first person to reach a score of 7 points will be declared the winner.

Air Hockey Game Variations

  • Alternatively, you can play with more than one puck if you want to create a challenge for yourself. This will mean that you play with the same rules, but the game will be played faster.
  • You can also change the score of 7 points if you have an air hockey table at home. This will mean that you get to play longer. This is not advised if you are playing in an arcade – remember, other players would also like to get a chance!
  • A fun idea would be an air hockey tournament where families face off against each other or groups of friends. Play until there is a winner then let winners face each other until there is a ‘final’.

Air Hockey Video Tutorial