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How to Play Celebrity Guessing Game

The Celebrity Guessing Game aka Celebrity Guess Who is a fun party game that is a combination of guessing game and charades. Teams composed of three or more members each play against each other to see how many celebrity names they could guess within a certain amount of time.  Read on to learn the celebrity guessing game rules!

Celebrity Guessing Game Setup

Teams can have from three or more members each and ideally, there should be equal number of players in each team for fair play. Before the game, each player is given around 10 slips of paper and is asked to write a celebrity name in each paper. Players should keep the names that they have written a secret. Afterwards, each piece of paper is folded and placed in a large bowl or hat.

Players may write any celebrity name or their aliases as long as these names are “legal names.” Legal names are names that are not limited to popular individuals. These could be names of characters in fictional books, shows or even names of animals. It would be great if players decide on the rules of the names that are to be included in the hat. Names should also be familiar with at least half of the players included in the game.

How to Play Celebrity Guessing Game

  1. Players decide which group gets to play first. The first group that is chosen will select one member that will give clues to the team. The time starts when the member who will give the clue has picked out a name from the hat. Usually one minute is provided to the team to guess what the name of the celebrity is.
  2. The member who gets to give out clues has to abide by the following rules which are true for almost all varieties of Celebrity party game:
    • He can say any word to describe the celebrity as long as the word is not a part of the celebrity’s name.
    • He can use other similar named people as a clue.
    • He may choose to “pass” if he is not familiar with the name as long as this is permitted by all the players. The name that was passed with be placed in another hat to be included in the game later.
  3. When the group was able to guess correctly, the member that gives the clue may take another celebrity name from the hat as long as their time is not up.
  4. After all the names have been guessed, another round is done with a new set of names. Only one word is allowed to describe the celebrity name in round two. In round three, actions should describe the celebrity; just like playing charades.

Celebrity Strategy

It starts with selecting the best member that will give out clues. He or she should be very familiar with the rules of the game and how to do charades for the team to score points faster.

Celebrity Scoring

The team with the most correct answers wins the round. The team with the most wins in each round wins the game.

Celebrity Game Variations

Celebrity is played as a boxed game under the name “Time’s Up” in Belgium and France.  Another variation is that a score may be deducted whenever an illegal clue is said.  “Themed Celebrities” is playing under a common theme for instance celebrities in Star Wars movies or celebrities from the 80s, etc.

Celebrity Video Tutorial