King Me! If you don't understand that phrase, then learn how to play checkers and the checkers rules at Game on!

How to Play Checkers

One of the most popular classic board games of all times is Checkers. It requires strategy and logic, but is also super fun to take part in. It’s a really easy game to play and is especially great when you gather up the whole family for a cosy night in – perfect for a Christmas holiday game!

According to Chesslab, Checkers originated in ancient Egypt in the year 200 B.C. – that’s around the time the Great Wall of China was completed! Checkers was then introduced to the Europeans by the Egyptians in the 16th century and was played by many well-known historic figures – Napoleon Bonaparte of France, King Louis XIV, and poet Edgar Allan Poe.

If you haven’t played the Checkers game before, don’t worry! The Checkers rules are very easy to learn, so check out the following steps and you’ll be ready to play the game like a pro!

Checkers Requirements

You will need a Checkers board as well as the checkers chips. These usually come in a set. You’ll then have to ask a friend to play against you as this is a game for 2 people.

How to Play Checkers

  1. Each player will begin with 12 discs with black and a lighter colour for the two different players.
  2. Position the board in such a way that a light square is at each player’s right side corner.
  3. The player who is closest to the black discs will go first. After they have made their move, it will be the player’s turn that has the lighter discs.
  4. Pieces are only allowed to move diagonally on the darker squares. You may only move your chip one space in a forward direction.
  5. When moving your pieces, you are allowed to ‘jump’ the other player’s chips and that chip is then removed from the board.
  6. You are allowed to only capture one chip per turn, but you are allowed to make multiple jumps in a single turn.
  7. The goal is for you to move your set of discs all the way to the other side of the board at your opponent’s side. As soon as you reach that side of the board, your disc is crowned king, and they may move in either a forward or backward direction in order to capture the rest of the opponent’s chips.
  8. The player is crowned a winner when the opponent can make no more moves; either because he has no more chips left or he has nowhere to move the chips on his board without them being captured.

Checkers Game Variations

To make this game a fun group activity, make it into a tournament where winner faces winner, until you have reached the ‘final’ round. You can also make this a team effort – have your team members wear the colours of the chips that you are, and let each person face off against a person from the other team. The team who wins the most games will be crowned champion.

Checkers Video Tutorial