Do you know the Crazy 8s rules? Let teach you how to play Crazy Eights card game. Such a fun family card game!

How to Play Crazy 8s Card Game

Card games are as much a part of a kid’s childhood as Pokemon or Cartoon Network. It creates the best memories amongst friends and it can lead to amusing confrontations – but hey, that’s part of the fun!

In today’s modern society we are so concerned with digital objects that we often forget the fun of playing card games. A challenging card game is Crazy 8’s, or often just called Crazy8. It is similar to the card game, UNO, but you can play this with a normal deck of cards.

According to, the origin of Crazy Eights is unknown, but people from all over the world have been playing it for years. Alternative names include Swedish Rummy, Mau-Mau (Germany), Pesten (Netherlands), and Tschausepp (Switzerland). British people call it Black Jack, which should not be confused with the American gambling game, Blackjack.

If you do not know how to play Crazy Eights, don’t worry! We’ll make you a champion before things get, well, crazy.

Crazy 8s Card Game Requirements

This is a game that commands two or more players and a regular sized deck of 52 cards. If there are a big group of players participating, you can fuse two decks together. Just make sure the decks are well shuffled.

How to Play Crazy Eights Card Game

  1. Each person is dealt 7 cards each (5 if there are more than 2 players), and the rest of the deck is placed faced down in front of the players. Draw one card from the deck and place it next to it, face up.
  2. Whoever goes first has to then match that card by either playing a matching suit or a matching number.
  3. Players continue in a clockwise direction. When an 8 is played, the suit changes. The player who played the 8 has to nominate a suit and the players need to match that, or play another 8.
  4. Some alternatives include ‘trick cards’ where each card has a different function. The following cards are ‘trick cards’ and can be played anytime:
    • A queen – this card is used to skip the turn of the next player.
    • An ace – this card is used to reverse the direction of the players’ turns.
    • A two or a four – these cards are ‘draw cards’ and when they are played, the next player has to pick up either 2 or 4 cards, depending on which number was played. Players can stack these cards up in order to build the number as high as they can. A great way to trick someone!
  5. When someone reaches the last card in their hand, they have to alert the others by saying ‘last card’. If a player fails to do so, he or she has to pick up one card.
  6. If you do not have a card to play during you turn, you can either pick one from the deck or skip a turn.
  7. Players win when they have no more cards left in their hand.

Crazy 8s Card Game Variations

A great idea would be to turn this into a family tournament during the holidays where winners face winners. Involve some friends to make it a group activity that promises loads of laughter, and perhaps some frowns.

Crazy 8’s Video Tutorial