Remember this from gym class? Brush up on how to play dodgeball and the dodgeball rules at! Game on.

How to Play Dodgeball

A great outdoor game (that is also an indoor game, hello school gym class!) to play is dodgeball where you can let out all your frustrations and just slam a ball right at the other person! This is not only a game you can play in order to hit other people, but a game where you have to use strategy in order to win. Remember the 5 D’s from the Dodgeball movie? “Dodge, duck, dipdive and dodge!”

According to GO Mammoth’s website, the Dodgeball game was played by people in Africa 200 years ago. The game was played in a brutal way as they used big, hard rocks instead of the balls we know today. A missionary saw this and decided to change the rocks to a leather ball. As the years passed the game developed was played in homes, schools, and even tournaments.

If you haven’t played dodgeball before, it’s time to learn how! The dodgeball rules are real simple and easy to learn. You’ll be the dodgeball champion by the end of the day.

Dodgeball Requirements

You will need 4 players per team, so 8 players in total. You will also need 4 dodgeball balls and a big open space where you can play. Make sure there is a centre line drawn in the middle of this field or area. It is also a good idea to keep a watch nearby for timekeeping.

How to Play Dodgeball

  1. Each team starts with 4 players on a side, as already said. The goal is to chase all your opponents off the field by hitting them with the ball.
  2. Start the game by placing 1 ball per team on the centre line, and then moving to 2 balls per team.
  3. Teams rushes to the centre line where they will pick the balls up and run back to their walls, or starting lines. Be sure to hurry back within 5 seconds!
  4. Players must start the game with one hand on the back wall. If you don’t have a back wall, keep your hand behind your back. When the referee shouts “Go!” you will throw the balls at the other players, aiming to hit them and send them off the field.
  5. You are allowed to block a ball with another ball so that it doesn’t hit you.
  6. When throwing the balls, make sure you don’t cross the centre line otherwise you will be sent off. It is also important that you throw the ball within 5 seconds. You may not hold the ball for longer.
  7. Players are out when the ball is caught by an opponent, the opponent gets hit by a ball, if a thrower hits an opponent above the shoulders, or if they cross the centre line, as already said.
  8. The team who eliminates all their opponents will be the winner. Teams will swop sides every time a game is won. The team who wins the most game in 10 minutes are the ultimate winners.

Dodgeball Game Variations

A fun way to involve the whole family would be to play tournaments. Let winners face winners in an ultimate showdown to the championship final! Remember to keep clear of hitting people in the face or in other sensitive areas. Sportsmanship goes further than winning!

Dodgeball Video Tutorial