Simple, fun game for kids that requires nothing but silence! Let teach you how to play four corners - perfect for an indoor kids game. Teachers will also love this as a classroom game. Game on!

How to Play Four Corners

Sometimes when you are looking for a game to play the simplest things can be used as entertainment. Four Corners is a game exactly like that. It’s usually played as an elementary school classroom game, but you can play it at home as well. If you haven’t played the four corners game yet, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to learn how to play Four Corners!   It’s a great group activity for parents, children, and friends to take part in.  All you’ll have to do is follow these simple four corners rules and you’ll be set to go!

Four Corners Game Requirements

The great thing about this game is that you don’t need anything at all – only a few friends and of course a room with four walls. You can let as many people join is as you want, if the room is big enough for everyone. You will also need a big dose of silence and a drop of patience.

How to Play Four Corners

  1. First, mark all the corners from 1 to 4. You can stick posters on the walls if you want to make it super clear which corner is where, because everyone will have to remember it.
  2. Then you’ll have to choose someone to be ‘it’. The person who is ‘it’ will stand in the middle of the room with their eyes closed and count to 10 (you can adjust this number if you want to). While she is counting, all the other players will move to a corner of the room. Each player can pick a different corner should they wish to.
  3. When the person who is ‘it’ is done counting, he or she has to keep their eyes closed and guess which corner has the most people. He or she has to make this decision based on the sounds they have heard whilst the players were moving around.
  4. If he or she has chosen the number 3 for example, all the players in corner number 3 have to go sit down. The person who is ‘it’ will start a new round, counting to 10 again and repeating the pattern.
  5. Players continue until there is only 1 person left – this person will be the new ‘it’.
  6. The trick of this game is to keep as quiet as possible so that the person who is counting doesn’t know where you are going. You can throw them off by making a noise in one corner, then heading to the next.

Four Corners Game Variations

To make this even more tricky, you can change the rules to allow the person who is ‘it’ guess exactly how many people are in the corner he or she has chosen. If she is right then that group can do an activity because they have been ‘caught’, like run around the house twice, or stand on one leg for the entire game.

Four Corners Video Tutorial

See kids in action playing this game!