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How to Play Goofy – The Creative and Fun Pool Game!

Just Goofin Around

Disney gave us a love of the quirky character Goofy.  However, we assure you goofy the pool game will create a new found love for that word as well! While we can’t find any historical context, nor anyone who coined the game to begin with, goofy has spread organically through word of mouth and the internet. The pool game’s rise in popularity is expected as it is fun, light hearted, and great for people of all ages. Not to mention that the game requires no materials whatsoever.  All you’ll be left with is a handful of laughs and an amazing experience with this enjoyable pool game!  Read our below goofy game tutorial to learn how to play.


Okay, maybe you do need some materials. But, not to worry! It’s not materials in the traditional sense of game equipment. All you’ll need is able bodies who are willing to play and a body of water, typically a pool. That’s it! Isn’t this the perfect summer game already?

How to Play Goofy

1. Select one player to be Goofy. For starters, you’ll have to select one player to be “it”. This can be via volunteer, picking the smallest straw, rock, paper scissors, or whatever other means of elimination you’re most comfortable with.
2. Goofy goes to opposite side of pool. He/she will swim to the opposite side of the pool furthest away from the rest of the players.
3. Goofy chooses a category. This can be a any category. Let’s use fruit as an example.
4. Goofy goes underwater. After choosing the category fruit, Goofy will duck his/her head under water so that s/he can’t hear the other players.
5. Other players pick a related object in the category. In this case, Player 1 chooses apples while Player 2 chooses oranges. The players then motion for Goofy to resurface once again.
6. Goofy shouts his/her guesses until s/he correctly guess an object chosen by a player.  Example: oranges.
7. If guessed correctly, Goofy and the player race across the pool. Upon hearing Goofy call out the chosen object (oranges), Goofy and Player 2 will race across the pool switching sides.
8. The first person to yell “Goofy” when his/her hand touches the opposite side of pool, wins!

9. The loser of the race is next round’s Goofy. The player that reaches the other side and says “Goofy” first is safe from being the “Goofy” of the next round, while the one who fails to reach the opposite side and say Goofy in time is the new Goofy, thus restarting the cycle.

Team Size

This game requires a minimum of three people can play, with no cap as to how many additional players can join.  You’ll want to keep in mind the capacity of the pool, of course.

Time Required

You can play a round in 5 minutes, but it also can easily go to half an hour or even a full hour. It all depends on the guessing skills of Goofy, which is hugely influenced by how hard the chosen object is to guess. Regardless, you’ll always have a silly fun time with the pool game that you won’t even notice the minutes ticking by!

Goofy Variations

You can also play this game on land as long as there are two adjacent sides with clear finish lines or goals to tap when racing to switch sides.

Category Ideas

Cars, Candy Bars, Colors, Shapes, Cartoons, Animated Movies, Musicians/Bands, Vegetables, Sports, School Subjects, Teachers, Local Stores, Local Restaurants, Board Games, Musical Instruments