Did you ever learn how to play hopscotch? Let www.GameOnFamily.com teach you the hopscotch rules for this classic outdoor kids game. Game on!

How to Play Hopscotch

One of the most popular and easy outdoor games would probably be hopscotch. Learning how to play Hopscotch is a great way for you to enjoy the summer holidays without having to go anywhere but your backyard. It’s also a great excuse for you to draw on the sidewalk, porch or cement without getting in trouble!

According to Wikipedia, the hopscotch game originated in England in the 17th century where kids used to play a similar game called ‘Scotch Hoppers’. It is also said that Roman children liked playing this game and used a certain rhyme in order to complete the blocks that were given. Today this game is being played all over the world in school yards as well as in family homes.

If you are a new hopscotch player, welcome to the wonderful world of hopping! We know you might be unsure of how to play, so all you’ll have to do is follow these easy hopscotch rules and you’ll be bouncing in no time.

Hopscotch Setup

You will need to get some friends to play with you – this can be any number of friends that you can imagine as this is a turn-taking game. Grab your parents to play along if you want to practice first. You will also need chalk or masking tape to draw or mark the lines, as well as a marker for each player, like a pebble, a bottle cap, a button, etc.

How to Play Hopscotch

  1. Firstly, you will need to draw the grid you’ll be playing on. Usually there are 8 blocks numbered 1 – 8. You can draw these sections anyway you choose to, for example start with two next to each other, then one in the middle, then two again, etc.
  2. The player who goes first stands behind the starting block and throws his or her marker onto block 1.
  3. Now hop over square one to square two, pausing to pick up your marker and hop back to square one. Complete the grid by hopping on one foot only, except if you have to jump on double blocks.
  4. With your next turn throw the pebble in block 2, and continue the pattern. Remember to take turns!
  5. A player is out when he or she can’t throw the pebble in a square, when they lose balance, or when they touch the lines. Players are also not allowed to put 2 feet into a single square box.
  6. Once your turn is finished, place your marker in the square you’ll begin at next and step away.

Hopscotch Game Variations

Another way you can play hopscotch is by throwing the pebble at any random square, not just starting at one. Wherever your pebble lands, you’ll have to avoid that square the same as explained above.

To make it even more challenging, let your friend throw his or her pebble along the grid with you. Now you’ll have to dodge both pebbles instead of your own! This will only work if you have 2 or 3 players playing, otherwise there won’t be any blocks left to jump.

Hopscotch Video Tutorial

Check out this hopscotch tutorial to see the game in action!  Keep watching to learn some other fun, easy chalk games.