Bingo is the perfect icebreaker game! Learn how to play 'get to know you' or human bingo at Game on! Also good as a classroom game.

How To Play Human Bingo

We are all familiar with the board game bingo, which is usually associated to the elderly in old age homes. Bingo has taken the world by storm as it has changed and developed over time. It has even gone online as well as digital.

According to Wikipedia, bingo can be traced back to 16th century Italy, where it started as a lottery game. It soon gained popularity all over Europe and by the 19th century Germany had adopted it into their schooling systems as a way to teach children the names of animals.

A fast-growing variety of bingo is human bingo (aka get to know you bingo). A wonderful icebreaker and classroom game, this is frequently used as a teaching aid in order for children as well as teachers to get to know each other in the beginning of the school year. It is also a great game for families to play during the holidays.

If you haven’t played bingo before, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered – all you have to do is follow these simple human bingo rules. You’ll be a bingo winner before you can say, well, bingo!

Human Bingo Requirements

This game asks for a lot of planning, but it’s very easy to do, especially if you have a computer. You will need to draw bingo cards or purchase blank bingo grids. recommends using a 5×5 grid, but you can alter this any way you want to. You will need at least two people to play against each other and also pencils for each player.

Human Bingo Game Setup

Next, you will need to fill in these bingo cards based on interesting human characteristics or personality traits. suggests a list of topics that you can use:

  • owns a pet
  • has gone to sporting event
  • has lived in more than one house
  • has visited another country

These topics will depend entirely upon you, and you can alter them in any way you see fit.

How to Play Human Bingo

  1. Hand out the bingo cards to each player.
  2. Let each player go around in the group and interview the other players. If the player matches a box on the bingo card, you tick it off.
  3. As soon as you have ticked off all the boxes on the bingo card, you are the winner! Traditionally, the winner will announce his or her victory by exclaiming ‘BINGO!’.

Human Bingo Game Variations

Traditionally, bingo has line or bingo prizes. This means that if you match a diagonal, horizontal or vertical line on your bingo card, you win a line prize. You can incorporate this into human bingo by providing line prizes as well as bingo prizes. Bear in mind that if you do this, only the first person who reaches ‘line’ will win a prize, and the first person who reaches ‘bingo’ will win a prize.

You can also make things interesting, especially for kids, by going out to a zoo. Set the bingo cards up in such a way that the kids can tick off any animal they see. This provides an educational but fun outlet for the children to take part in during holidays.

Bridal bingo and baby shower bingo are super fun bingo variations that you can customize and play at showers and parties.

Human Bingo Video Tutorial

Watch this video to see how this English teacher uses ‘get to know you’ bingo with his students in class!