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How to Play Kemps – a fun, simple card game!

F U N Card Game with K E M P S

Kemps is a great card game that is not only simple to understand but it is incredibly fun!  Kemps develops friendly bonding as well as cognitive listening skills–making it an ideal card game for children, particularly those in elementary school. The objective of the game is to be the first pair to spell K-E-M-P-S. Want to know how to collect the letters? Then refer to the Kemps game tutorial below!


For KEMP’S, you will need a standard 52 card deck, usually French. Of course, you’ll need a table or stable working station to properly lay your cards out and deal upon. Finally, as always, you’ll need an excited group of players who are ready to tackle this fun card game!

How to Play Kemps

  1. Shuffle the deck of cards and deal four cards to each team pair, ie; two players a team. Only one member of the team can see the cards.
  2. Decide what the code signal is for obtaining a letter. It could be a gesture, a subtle sound, or whatever else you think of. The only requirement is that it is discreet, so that listening becomes a key component of this card game.
  3. Start by analyzing the first four cards you have. Once you have four of a kind (four cards of the same suite and rank), then signal to your partner.
  4. If your partner notices the signal, they may shout K, or whatever letter you’re up to.
  5. If you do not yet have four of a kind, have the dealer keep handing you cards in set of fours. Again, your partner can not see them, and you must only communicate together via signaling.
  6. The first team to spell KEMPS wins!

Team Size

A typical game of KEMPS is played amongst four players, which equates to two teams of two. Yet, some variations of the game allow for multiple teams, so long as they are paired by two.

Kemps Playing Time

Rounds of KEMP are extremely fluctuating, as aside from the listening component, the game is driven purely by chance. In essence, luck of the draw outweighs any, if not all, strategy involved in this card game–so if you’re looking for a more strategic game, perhaps refer to MANCALA or LIAR. Games shouldn’t last more than twenty five minutes. If you’re concerned about time, then you could implement a time limit into the game. In other words, set the limit for x amount of minutes, and the teams who have the most amount of letters in KEMPS when time is called wins–or those who just spell it completely first, of course. Either way, time passes by in a breeze when you’re having fun, which you definitely will with this delightful card game!

Kemps Video Tutorial