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How to Play Monopoly

Monopoly is probably the most well-known classic board game in the history of board games. It’s a game where you have to strategize on the spot based on the chances you take. It can either lead to you becoming the king pin of the Monopoly board, or the one who has to pay back the money because you’re broke!

According to Wikipedia, the Monopoly game started during the 20th century by an American lady named Elizabeth Maggie. She originally created this game, called The Landlord’s Game, in order to explain economic concepts to people, but it soon became a game people played for fun. Today it is owned by the same company who owns Scrabble and Yahtzee – Hasbro.

If you haven’t played Monopoly yet, you have definitely been missing out on some serious confrontations between players! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just follow these simple Monopoly rules and you’ll soon be mister or missus Money-in-the-bank!

Monopoly Requirements

You will need the Monopoly game including the Monopoly board, Monopoly money, objects, chance and community chest cards, the estate cards, the hotels and houses, as well as the dice. You will need some soldiers to play with. WikiHow recommends 4 players.

Monopoly Playing Time

Usually 1-4 hours on average

How to Play Monopoly

  1. Before you start playing you’ll need to hand out $1500 to each player. It would be wise to choose a ‘banker’ in order to avoid any conflict. This person will be in charge of the ‘bank’ and the remainder of the money without playing the game. Divide the money up as follow:
    • 2 x $500
    • 4 x $100
    • 1 x $50
    • 1 x $20
    • 2 x $10
    • 1 x $5
    • 5 x $1
  2. You’ll have to decide who goes first. Each person throws the dice and the one who throws the highest number will be able to go first.
  3. Start at the ‘Start’ block and throw the dice. Move the spaces as you threw them on the dice, each player getting a turn until you have all completed the first round.
  4. Upon the start of the second round, you are able to ‘buy’ the locations. Their prices are written on the blocks themselves, and when you choose to purchase them you will pay the money to the banker. He or she will then give you an estate card as proof of your property.
  5. If someone else lands on your property he or she will have to pay you ‘rent’ for being there. The rent will differ from estate to estate, as shown on the estate card.
  6. The goal is for you to buy streets of the same colour in order for you to put up houses or hotels. You will have to pay for these buildings as shown on the estate cards, but when a player lands on that block then the rent will obviously escalate.
  7. The more buildings you erect, the more money you will earn. The person with the most money is eventually the winner.
  8. There are also chance cards and community chest cards for you to draw if you land on those blocks. They either create obstacles or they can be advantageous to you.
  9. There is also a chance for you to go to jail if you land on the ‘jail’ block. You can only get out by skipping 2 turns, or by producing a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card.

Monopoly Video Tutorial