Have you played Reverse Hide-and-Seek also known as Sardines? Learn how to play Sardines at www.GameOnFamily.com. Classic, fun outdoor or indoor game. Game on!

How to Play Sardines

Contrary to what you’re thinking, this is not a game about fish, nor is it a fishy game. The whole family can learn how to play Sardines, and it’s a fun game especially if you want to spice up the hide-and-seek routine a little bit. It’s a great game to play indoors or outdoors, so you can have this as a gaming option all through the year!

Even though there is no legit story about the origin of the sardines game, people have already been known to play it in Greece in the 2nd century. Their version of the game was called ‘apodidraskinda’ – what a mouthful! It has also been described in a story called Smee written by A.M. Burrage in the 1930s.

If you have never played sardines, it’s such a simple game that you’ll master it in no time! If you have played hide-and-seek before this will be even easier for you to play, as it can also be described as reverse hide-and-seek. All you have to do is follow these easy sardine rules below.

Sardines Requirements

You don’t need any extra materials for this game – only a large enough space to play in and other players. Icebreakers.com suggests that this game is perfect for 8 – 15 people. Round up your friends or you family and let the games begin!

How to Play Sardines

  1. You will have to decide on boundaries of this game before you can begin. For example, if you play indoors make the rule that no one is allowed outside, or inside a certain area of the house. If playing outside, let them know that you should stay inside the yard at all times.
  2. Next, you will have to decide who’s going to be ‘it’. This person can volunteer or you can flip a coin.
  3. The person who is ‘it’ will then hide somewhere while the rest of the group looks for him. Give this person a few minutes to find a good hiding spot; you can use a watch to take time, or you can do it the old fashioned way and count to 100.
  4. When you have finished counting your group will go look for him. The group splits up and goes on the hunt in different directions.
  5. When a player has found the person, they don’t shout it out. They simply hide along with the person, very quietly.
  6. Over time the whole group should find him and join him, huddled together like sardines waiting for the last player to find them.
  7. The person who is the last of the group is the loser, and has to be ‘it’ in the next game.

Sardines Game Variations

It can happen that sometimes the same person will be ‘it’ all the time. You can change things up by adding a game of tag into the game of sardines. Once the last player has found the group, everyone has to run away from him. If he catches you, you will be ‘it’ for the next round!

Sardines Video Tutorial