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How to Play Slapjack – slap the Jack card game!

Do You Know Jack?

From whack-a-mole games to Bop-it’s sold around the world, there’s just something satisfying about competitively slamming an object on another, particularly your own hand. The iconic card game of Slapjack (also known as Snap card game) encourages us to do just that!  It also  develops attention spans as well as hand-eye coordination, making it ideal for children. Further, it’s simple to understand which adds to its youthful impact. This simple card accumulating game doesn’t take much time to learn so let’s jump into the Slapjack game tutorial!


You don’t need much for Slapjack – just a standard 52 card deck! You’ll want a steady object, such as table, to deal cards upon. Finally, you’ll need an eager player or players to enjoy this classic card game with you! Read on for the Slapjack rules.

Object of Slapjack Game

The goal is to win all the cards which makes this a card accumulation game!  Do this by being first to slap each jack as it is played to the center.

How to Play Slapjack

  1. Shuffle the 52 card deck.
  2. Deal cards one at a time face down to each player until all the cards have been dealt.  Note, it’s okay if the hands don’t come out even.
  3. Each player then squares up his hand into a neat pile in front of them without peeking at his/her cards!
  4. Player 1 (1st player to the dealer’s left) begins by lifting the top card from his pile and flipping it face up on the middle of the table. 
  5. Each player then takes a turn flipping up a card from their own pile which they place in the middle pile.
  6. All players await the Slapjack event that trigger a slap: a jack is revealed after having been flipped upwards. The first player to slap their hand down on the jack gets to keep the entire pile of cards made. The objective of the game is to accumulate the most cards.
  7. The aforementioned steps are then repeated until one player wins all the cards, or time is called. In the latter case, the player with the most amount of cards wins.

Team Size

There are no teams within Slapjack as players play individually for themselves. While the game can be played with as little as two people, the average party size is four, and the cap out is usually eight due to their only being 52 cards in the deck. For parties exceeding eight players, it is highly recommended you use an additional deck, thus making it 104 cards.

Playing Time

Games of slapjack usually don’t exceed fifteen minutes. A time limit can always be implemented if time is a precious commodity in this case. We’re sure you’ll be saving your seconds as you’ll be having such a blast with this enjoyable game.

Slapjack Game Variation

Additional Slaps: Each player counts upwards from ranks of cards, with the first player starting at“ace”, even if what they say doesn’t match the card that flips up during their turn. The next player then takes a turn, yet this time they continue from “ace”, now saying “two”, and so on as they move up through the rank of cards.  The second event to trigger a slap is that the count made by the players matches the card flipped up. For instance, if the player begins with “ace” and the card revealed is indeed an “ace”, then players must slap their hands down. Again, the first player to slap their hand down wins the pile.

Slapjack Video Tutorial