Want to play a fun card game solo? Learn how to play solitaire at www.GameOnFamily.com. Discover the Solitaire rules (often called Patience) for the real life (non computer) version. Game on!

How to Play Solitaire (aka Patience)

Ever since Microsoft was introduced to computers, solitaire has been part of our lives forever. Not only is this game popular on our screens, but it is also a classic card game. Wouldn’t it be cool to show off the real deal in front of your friends? Everyone would be so impressed by the fact that you can play solitaire with actual cards!

According to Just Solitaire, the solitaire game originated in the 18th century and was found in a German book of games. A number of famous people played this game: Napoleon Bonaparte and Prince Albert – a sure game of the royals! Solitaire also used to be called ‘Patience’ or ‘Success’.

If you have never played Solitaire before, not even on the computer, then don’t worry! We’ll show you how to play it by following these few simple Solitaire rules. You’ll be teaching your computer friends in no time after reading our Solitaire game tutorial.

Solitaire Requirements

Solitaire is a game meant for only one person, so you’ll need to play on your own. You will also need a standard deck of 52 cards.

How to Play Solitaire

  1. You will need to shuffle the deck of cards so that they are mixed up at random.
  2. Lay 7 cards down in a horizontal row. The first one should be facing up and the rest should remain facing down.
  3. Continue to set a face-down card on each of the face-down cards already packed in the horizontal row. Only the 6th pile should receive a face-up card.
  4. Continue this pattern until the 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st piles all have face up cards. Your piles should run in a ‘step’ formation, with each pile having one more face-down card than the other. These piles you have formed is called a ‘card block’.
  5. Put the remainder of the deck in the corner, face-down. This pile is called the source stack.
  6. The goal is now for you to get all your cards into what is called the ‘suit stack’. Every suit will have a place in the suit stack – Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs. You will do this by turning the face-down piles up and by looking for appropriate cards in the deck.
  7. You may only turn a card around if there is no face-up card blocking it. To open up your card blocks, you will need to move cards around. You can stack cards on top of each other in order to clear the area you want to face-up.
  8. The following rules apply when it comes to moving cards around:
    • A black card may only be followed by a red card in its numerical order; the same goes for a red card being followed by a black card. If you have a Jack of Spades, you may only put a 10 of Hearts or Diamonds on top of it. You may not play the same colour on top of each other.
    • Only Kings are allowed to go into blank spaces.
  9. Create piles in the suit stack from Aces to Kings. Once you have completed all the stacks in their correct suits, you win the game.

Solitaire Video Tutorial