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How to Play Spoons – family friendly card game!

There are many different types of card games in the world, as cards have always been one of the most versatile tools of entertainment. Spoons is one such game, sometimes referred to as Pig, and its fast paced action has made it one very popular card game. Playing Spoons is simple, and learning how to play Spoons will provide you with a great way to entertain friends or family.  Check out our Spoons game tutorial below!

Spoons Playing Requirements

You don’t need many things to play Spoons. You need a standard card deck without Jokers, three to thirteen players, and of course, spoons. You’ll need spoons equal to the amount of players minus one to properly play the game.

How to Play Spoons

  1. Gather enough spoons equal to the amount of players minus one.
  2. Arrange the spoons in a small circle in the center of your playing area.
  3. Remove the Joker cards and shuffle the card deck.
  4. Deal every player four cards. Each player must attempt to make four of a kind.
  5. Once the cards are passed out, the dealer takes one card from the top of the deck, then removes one care of his or her choosing and passes it face down to the left.
  6. Each player does the same, passing the card they choose to the left simultaneously.
  7. The last player will discard the card he chooses into a trash pile.
  8. The cycle continues until one player has four of a kind, at which point they may grab a spoon. After this player grabs a spoon all of the other players may as well, and the player that was too slow to grab one, they get a letter (similar to H.O.R.S.E. in basketball).
  9. If the deck runs out at any point, simply reshuffle the trash pile and continue playing.

Game Objective

The objective of Spoons is simple: be the last player standing. As stated above, players that are too slow to grab a spoon when the time comes will receive a letter, and when the word is spelled out completely for any player they are disqualified. Technically the word can be whatever you want it to be, but for the most part the word is simply ‘Spoons.’ So if a player loses six rounds, they’ll be out of the game entirely. Of course, if a player is disqualified you’ll need to adjust the number of spoons appropriately.

Pulling the Spoon

Sure, the player that gets four of a kind first gets to grab the first spoon, but nobody says they can only do it in one particular way. You can outright grab it with gusto, forcing the rest of the players into a wild free for all, or you can try to be subtle about it, a move that may reveal just who is and isn’t paying close attention to the table itself. There really is no proper way to grab the spoon, just a variety of ways that make the game more entertaining if you feel like it.

Spoons Video Tutorial

Spoons Game Variations

As you might imagine, requiring six rounds to disqualify each individual player can make Spoons a very long card game, especially if you have a large number of players. If you would like to keep it shorter, you can simply make it one round elimination, where you skip the spelling of Spoons and simply disqualify players the first time they fail to grab a spoon in time.

Of course, you can always alternate the house rules while you are at it. For instance, four of a run doesn’t count in official rules, but if you want it to be a house rule you can always make it so. There are many ways to play Spoons, depending on what you enjoy about the game itself.

In short, spoons can be a long-winded game of fast rounds, or a lightning fast game that will only take a long time if you have many players. It’s quick to play and easy to set up, making it a great way to pass the time with entertainment and fun if you have a standard forty two deck and a handful of spoons (or forks, straws, or anything else technically), lying around. Whether you play it vanilla or alter the rules, it’s sure to be a great time for everyone.