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How to Play Ultimate Frisbee

A great outdoor game to play would be Ultimate Frisbee where you get to challenge your friends by using strategies normally used in American football, soccer, and lacrosse. Even though it might sound like an easy game to play, don’t let it fool you; this game can become very competitive between two teams.

According to the Ultimate Frisbee game began as a college game when Joel Silver introduced it to his friends in 1968. By 1969 a team had been formed at Silver’s college, and by 1972 the first Ultimate Frisbee game was played between Rutgers and Princeton. Today, this game is still played by many people, not only for serious competing but also for fun.

If you have never played Ultimate Frisbee before, don’t worry! By following these easy Ultimate Frisbee rules you’ll be able to become a modern day Joel Silver before the day is done!

Ultimate Frisbee Requirements

You will need a field where you can play – if you’re playing in your backyard, that’s also perfectly fine! You will also need a group of friends to play with and divide them up into 2 teams; suggests 5 to 7 players per team, but if you want to play 2 per team it’ll make things a bit more challenging. You will also need a Frisbee to play with.

How to Play Ultimate Frisbee

  1. Mark of 2 end zones on each side of the field, and make sure there is enough space for players to spread out on each half of the field. Each team will be in charge of defending their end zone, so make sure the opponents don’t come near it!
  2. Toss a coin to determine who goes first. The team who goes first will then stand on their side and toss the Frisbee into the air to start the game, almost like a kick-off in football.
  3. Players from that team have to run to catch it and pass it to other players in order to score at the defender’s end zone. The opponents will try to then block these players or take the Frisbee from them in order to prevent them from scoring.
  4. You may only take the Frisbee from another player if it’s in the air. This means that you may not grab it out of an opponent’s hand.
  5. When you have the Frisbee in your hand, you are not allowed to hold it for longer than 10 seconds.
  6. Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sports, which means you may not touch the other players at any time. If you do, it will result in the opposing team getting the disc and starting a new ‘segment’.
  7. If a Frisbee goes out of bounds or over the lines it means that the team who didn’t throw it out will get the advantage.
  8. You will score one point for each time you pass the Frisbee to someone in the end zone and he catches it. After this, the game will begin again as explained in point number 2 above.
  9. The game usually goes on until a team has reached 15 points, but you can alter this any way you want to.

Ultimate Frisbee Video Tutorial