Do you remember the Yahtzee rules? Learn how to play Yahtzee at Such a classic board game. Game on!

How to Play Yahtzee – a classic board game!

SAs far as classic board games go, Yahtzee is no stranger to the homes of American and British kids. Some may call it luck, others argue that there is a definitive strategy involved, but whatever it might be it has brought loads of fun into the homes of loads of people.

The origin of the Yahtzee game can traces back to the early 1900s. According to Wikipedia, it’s said to based on a Puerto Rican game called Generala. This game evolved into the English game called Yacht, and in 1956 Edward S. Lowe copyrighted his version of this game as Yahtzee. It is currently owned by the same company that owns Scrabble – Hasbro.

If you haven’t played Yahtzee yet, don’t worry! The Yahtzee rules are so simple to learn that you’ll be teaching everyone you know how to play by just following these simple steps:

Game Set-up

You will need the Yahtzee board game from a retail store.  You’ll also need one other player to join you. You can alternatively create your own Yahtzee game by purchasing 5 dice and by drawing the table of categories onto a piece of paper.

Playing Time

30 minutes

How to Play Yahtzee

  1. Each player will get a turn to throw the dice. If you go first you will throw the 5 dice.
  2. Add the scores onto your card following the different categories. Let’s say for example you have thrown 2,2,6,6,1. You will then have a choice of scoring it in the following categories. When you add your scores into the blocks, you may not do so again. The goal is to gain the most points in a round:
    • Upper Section Combination – here you will find the ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, and sixes categories. Score these categories by multiplying the number of matches you have on the dice. So looking at our roll from above you can choose to add the two 2’s which will give you 4, or the two 6’s which will give you 12.
    • Lower Section Combinations – here the categories focus on the grouping together of the dice. You get three of a kind where you get 3 dice with the same number (points are the sum of all the dice together), four of a kind where you get 4 dice with the same number (points are the sum all the dice together), full house where you get 3 of a kind and a pair (25 points), small straight where you get 4 dice following each other like 1,2,3,4 (30 points), large straight where you get 5 dice following each other (40 points), chance where you can put anything into this box (score is the sum of the dice), and then Yahtzee which is 5 numbers of the same (50 points).
  3. It is very important that you choose your categories carefully. Even if you score a 0 you can still add it to the categories.
  4. A new addition to Yahtzee is multiple Yahtzee in which you can change your Yahtzee number. You can only do so when you have already entered a 0 in the Yahtzee box and proceed to get Yahtzee after that, or when you already have Yahtzee and gain another (this will count 100 points).

Yahtzee Video Tutorial