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How to Play The License Plate Game – Everyone’s Favorite Road Trip Game!

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Name the license plate game is the ideal game to play when needing to pass the time.  You know, especially on long, exhaustive road trips. People of all ages enjoy this fun game, and families particularly love it to pass the time. So if you’re planning on a family road trip, or just driving extensively to begin with, make sure you read up on this game tutorial beforehand!


You can play most of this game with no objects at all.  However, it’s best to have a list of all US states on hand. Typically, players use the standard 50 states, but US territories such as Puerto Rico and Guam could also be included. Further, countries, most generally Canada, are commonly added to this checklist as well. Many admire the license plate game for its simplicity so let’s jump right into this beloved license plate game tutorial!

How To Play The License Plate Game

  1. Create a checklist of all US states, and/or territories, or countries.
  2. Keep an eye out for passing vehicles and identify their license plate state of origin.
  3. Once you’ve identified a particular state, cross it off on your checklist.
  4. Keep repeating this process until you’ve crossed off all states!

As you can probably tell, there’s not a true winner to the name the license plate games. Although, technically, you can implement a competitive variant to the game by having every player on their individual checklist, and each individual would have to race to completion or gather the most states in the time allotted first. However, this is simply too time exhaustive, and a game really does not need to be competitive necessarily to be enjoyable! In fact, cooperative games can be just as amusing as competitions, especially when it comes to the classic car ride game.

Team Size

Concerned about your party’s size? Not to worry! You can play this game with as little as a single individual to as many as you’d like! As we like to say, the more spies, the merrier. In the case of games that is–certainly not in politics!

Time Required

If playing for full completion, the game can be time intensive, often lasting a few hours. However, this game is meant as a time passer activity, so this fact works for the game, not against it. To complete this game in a more speedy fashion, then play a variant in wish there is a certain amount of time to collect the most states as possible! There, you can maintain the time of the game while still making keeping the fun, searching quality of the beloved license plate game!

The License Plate Game Video Tutorial

The following video references Melissa and Doug’s License Plate Game and also Road Trip Bingo, which is another fun travel game.