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How to Play War Card Game – a game of chance!

I declare war, or simply called WAR card game, is one of the most simplistic card games available. This make it ideal for children, but the gambling implementations also make it suitable for adults as well. The game itself has actual military backgrounds, originating as early as the 19th century, where a trend amongst soldiers were to look for any game that could simulate war. This soon evolved into more complex war simulators, such as miniature board games, and eventually the iconic green army men toys. If this card game is fun enough to distract even the highest ranking generals, then surely it will be fun enough for you too.


While the WAR card game can be played virtually online, nothing beats a good ol’ classic deck. The game uses the conventional French 52 card deck, although it omits the Joker card. Aside from the deck, you need players of course, and a sturdy place such as a table to set your cards down. After that, you’re ready to kick into action with this fun game!

How to Play War Card Game

As previously mentioned, WAR is revered for its simplicity. The WAR game tutorial makes it quick and easy to learn, as well as to remember.

  1. First, remove all jokers from the 52 card deck.
  2. Next, divide the cards evenly by two decks of 26, all placed face down. There are no turns, as both moves by each player are done simultaneously.
  3. To begin, players will reveal a single card from their deck. The highest ranking card will win, and the player takes both cards a result.
  4. If the cards rank the same, then WAR is declared. When this happens, players draw two cards, one face up, and one face down. Whichever player draws the face up card with the highest rank wins all cards (six cards total). If the same card is drawn again, then the process is repeated until a winner is reach. Ultimately, a victor is gained in one of two scenarios.
    1. One, a player runs out of cards in their deck and loses automatically.
    2. Two, the player with the most cards when time is called wins.

Team Size

I declare war is typically played with two players, although additional decks could allow for other players, so long as each is dealt twenty six cards precisely.

WAR Playing Time

Even for the most novice of WAR players, the game shouldn’t last too long. Typically, an average round will take five to fifteen minutes the most, making the game not only prized for its simplicity, but for its speedy convenience and of course overall thrill factor as well.

War Card Game Video Tutorial