How to Play Road Trip Bingo

And Bingo Was His Name-O

While for many, driving is a relaxing and invigorating experience, passengers in a vehicle may not share the same excitement. There’s simply not much to do in a car. Yes, you can use electronics to occupy your time such as TVs, tablets, and cellphones, but doesn’t everybody deserve a relief from technology every now and then? Not to mention how electronics coupled with road trips can cause severe motion sickness (eww and eek!). Puke, and a hot, extended drive? No way! Instead, opt for a car game that requires no electronics whatsoever but is still tons of fun regardless. Road trip bingo aka auto bingo or travel bingo is the perfect alternative, so without any further ado, let’s jump right into the road trip bingo game tutorial!


Like any bingo game, you’ll need a 5×5 square grid, totaling 25 squares. You can easily print out one of these grids online, but be sure to obtain one specifically for road trips, as well as one for each member of your party, so long as each player’s grid is different from everyone else’s. A road trip bingo game includes squares that have objects specifically found on road trips, such as highways, trailers, texting passengers, dogs, among other things. Finally, each player will need a tool to write with.

How to Play Road Trip Bingo

Road trip bingo plays nearly identically to the conventional bingo, aside from the driving themed grid. Yet, if you do not know how to play the traditional bingo, then please refer to the tutorial below.

1. Each player gets a grid with the same objects but different placement.  This makes their grids distinct from each other. Ensure no player has the same grid. The driver does not get a grid.
2. As the driver travels, they will call out relevant objects they spot.  As an example, we will use highway. If the driver spots a highway, they will announce it to the passengers.
3. Passengers will then find the called out object (“highway” tile) on their grid and cross it out by placing an ‘X’, check mark, or other notation on the grid.
4. Steps 2-3 are repeated until one player crosses out five objects in a row, which can be done vertically, horizontally, or diagonally (similar to a game of tic tac toe).  Keep in mind that the tile in the exact center of the board is a blank space, automatically cross that one out.
5. First player to complete step four entirely (five in a row) wins!

Road Trip Bingo Object Ideas

Roadside items such as Trailer, RV, Police Car, Fire Engine, Bridge, Motorcycle, Billboard, Road Cone, Gas Station, Ambulance, Stop Sign, Speed Limit Sign, Barn, House, etc. OR use a themed board where all objects are road signs, colors of cars, or makes of cars. Google ‘Road Trip Bingo Printables’ to check out dozens of free printable bingo cards.  We like the ones at Mom’s Minivan:

Team Size

Games of BINGO are player in singular teams–so only one person per team. However, there can be as many players as you want. Just make sure you aren’t causing too much of a distraction for the designated driver, as this could potentially cause a crash or other car issue that could result in serious troubles for you and your family. Drive safely and as always, have fun!

Travel Bingo Video Tutorial

If you’re not into DIY games, then check out the below Flip to Win Travel Bingo game from Melissa & Doug.