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How to Play Scavenger Hunt – the perfect party game!

Hunters and Gatherers… And Scavengers!

There’s just something so instinctively thrilling about scavenging. In fact, humans have been hunters and gatherers since the dawn of time.  It has provided the basic foundation for our way of life. Thankfully now, society has grown to the point where scavenging can be enjoyed recreationally rather than a fight for survival. This is where scavenger hunt the game comes into play (no pun intended…maybe)!  It’s a fun outdoors game that reminds us all of the joys and adrenaline associated with scavenging.  Let’s jump right into this scavenger hunt game tutorial and start scavenging for tips and tricks on how to play!

Materials Needed

There are quite a few materials needed to begin a round of scavenger hunt, but all of them are open ended.  It’s all dependent on what objects you have available. Create a list of what items you will be scavenging. See our Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt list as an example.  While some games weigh the items equally, meaning that no item found is worth more points than any other, other variations have bonus points for particular items. Whatever you choose, make sure to jot down the numerical point value for each item beside it on your list. The objects should generally be small, as this makes them easier to hide. Common objects in the game include, but are not limited to, sea shells, coins, marbles, and other easily accessible, small items that are available, although creativity is also super fun!

How to Play Scavenger Hunt aka Treasure Hunt Game

1. Gather your materials, list them, and assign their points respectively. 
2. Designate an outside player to hide all the objects.  The scavengers can not know the location of the objects beforehand, as this will just spoil the game.

3. If the hunt takes place in a huge area, then the one outside player may want to make a map showing the general hiding areas.  Another treasure hunt variation is to give the scavengers clues to the location of each object (see video tutorial below).

3. After hiding the objects, set a time limit for the scavengers to find as many objects in the allotted time as possible.
4. Let the Scavengers run free, as they search thoroughly for the hidden objects!

5. The person who finds all the objects first, or collects the most points when time is called, wins! Some games implement an actual prize, either physical or monetary for the winner, while others simply give the winner a pat on the back. Whatever the “prize” is, the game will still be enjoyable, regardless.

Scavenger Hunt Team Size

The game requires a minimum of three players.  One player to hide the objects, and two to scavenge and compete against each other. Yet, typically games include five to a dozen individuals. Of course, the amount of items you choose has to be relative to the number of players.  So typically we say twice or three times as many objects as there are players.

Time Required

The time required for each round of a scavenger outdoor game is dependent on the size of the party and how expertly the objects are hidden. Typically, games can range from fifteen minutes, to thirty, to even a full hour for the most hardcore games. Nevertheless, you’ll always have a blast from the first minutes to the last ones as well!

Video Tutorial