DIY Games

Looking for DIY games to play that you can make by yourself? Learn how to play DIY games with our homemade games tutorials. Review the rules of our DIY games and find your next game at!


Learn how to play Pictionary! Great family game for the holidays. Go to to learn how to play homemade pictionary without having to buy the actual game. Game on!

How to Play Homemade Pictionary

Homemade Pictionary Game Tutorial Pictionary is a great indoor…
Simple, fun game for kids that requires nothing but silence! Let teach you how to play four corners - perfect for an indoor kids game. Teachers will also love this as a classroom game. Game on!

How to Play Four Corners

Sometimes when you are looking for a game to play the simplest…
Did you ever learn how to play hopscotch? Let teach you the hopscotch rules for this classic outdoor kids game. Game on!

How to Play Hopscotch

One of the most popular and easy outdoor games would probably…
Learn how to play the egg drop team building game! Probably best to consider this one an outdoor game lol. Great as a classroom game to promote teamwork and creativity. Get the egg drop team building game tutorial at Game on!

How to Play the Egg Drop Team Building Activity

The Egg Drop Team Building Game is a messy, funny and a light-hearted…
Everyone loves this popular party game that is part guessing and part charades! Learn how to play the celebrity guessing game at Find out the celebrity guessing game rules via our game tutorial. Game on!

How to Play Celebrity Guessing Game

The Celebrity Guessing Game aka Celebrity Guess Who is a fun…
Bingo is the perfect icebreaker game! Learn how to play 'get to know you' or human bingo at Game on! Also good as a classroom game.

How To Play Human Bingo

We are all familiar with the board game bingo, which is usually…
We all love to play charades - the classic party game! Let teach you the charades rules to this fun game that is perfect for a group or family game night. Game on!

How to Play Charades

Charades is a fun game to play with a group of people, especially…