Educational Games

Looking for educational games to play? Educational games provide fun ways of teaching concepts to kids and students in classrooms or at a homeschool. Learn how to play educational games with our educational game tutorials. Review the rules of our educational games and find your next game at!


What is DIY Jeopardy? A fun quiz game that's great for the classroom or a family reunion/holiday! Learn how to play homemade jeopardy at Game on!

How to Play Homemade Jeopardy

We’ve all seen the TV show on at home, and we’ve all tried…
Learn how to play Pictionary! Great family game for the holidays. Go to to learn how to play homemade pictionary without having to buy the actual game. Game on!

How to Play Homemade Pictionary

Homemade Pictionary Game Tutorial Pictionary is a great indoor…
The classic word game... Learn how to play Scrabble and the Scrabble rules at Game on!

How to Play Scrabble

With the return of 50s and 60s fashion also come the return of…
It's a crime to not know the Monopoly rules. Learn how to play Monopoly, the classic board game, at Game on!

How to Play Monopoly

Monopoly is probably the most well-known classic board game…
Learn how to play the egg drop team building game! Probably best to consider this one an outdoor game lol. Great as a classroom game to promote teamwork and creativity. Get the egg drop team building game tutorial at Game on!

How to Play the Egg Drop Team Building Activity

The Egg Drop Team Building Game is a messy, funny and a light-hearted…
Bingo is the perfect icebreaker game! Learn how to play 'get to know you' or human bingo at Game on! Also good as a classroom game.

How To Play Human Bingo

We are all familiar with the board game bingo, which is usually…
Do you know what checkmate means? Learn about it and how to play chess at Chess rules for beginners. Game on!

How to Play Chess for Beginners

One of the most challenging, yet exciting board games would probably…