Learn how to play the egg drop team building game! Probably best to consider this one an outdoor game lol. Great as a classroom game to promote teamwork and creativity. Get the egg drop team building game tutorial at www.GameOnFamily.com. Game on!

How to Play the Egg Drop Team Building Activity

The Egg Drop Team Building Game is a messy, funny and a light-hearted way to teach problem-solving, cooperation, negotiation and leadership skills in a group.

Egg Drop Game Overview

  • The game is played by teams of 3-5 people
  • The objective of the game is to build a protective nest for the egg
  • The Egg that survives a 10ft drop wins the challenge
  • The play time is 15 minutes

Egg Drop Requirements

  1. 1 Raw egg for each team, and extras in case of an accident.
  2. Cardboard
  3. Duct tape
  4. 40 thin straws per group
  5. 6-50 participants

Egg Drop Game Setup

  1. Get all the materials listed above to protect the raw egg
  2. Make provision for at least 50 straws per team

How to Play the Egg Drop Team Building Game

  1. Divide the group to teams of 3-4 each. Give each team 40 thin straws, 1 meter of duck tape and other listed materials
  2. Explain the rules of the game stating that the aim is to build a protective shield that will preserve the egg from breaking when dropped from any height of about 8-10ft
  3. Each team has a 15-minute time frame to make their structure
  4. Assign and write the name of each team on their cardboard for easy identification or make sure each team have a different color of cardboard.
  5. If there is more than one successful team, then the team with the fewest straw used to protect the egg will be declared winner
  6. Separate the teams so they are not too close to each other. This will prevent copying of ideas
  7. Let the games begin and the teams build their structure with the egg inside.

How to Win the Egg Drop

  1. Call back all the teams at the end of 15 minutes
  2. Collect the structures from each team
  3. Drop the structures from the same height level and speed, one after the other
  4. Look through the structures to see which one has an unbroken egg
  5. Declare the team with the unbroken egg as winner
  6. If more than one, the team with the least straws used, wins.

Reflection On the Lesson

  1. Let the teams state their experience, what went well and what was worthwhile from the teamwork
  2. Find out if their designs changed or evolved over time
  3. Find out what traits of team work, contributions or good leadership that they can glean from their experience.
  4. Find out from the teams if there is anything they would do differently next time

Egg Drop Video Tutorial

Watch this video when you’re ready to learn how to build the best structures to prevent a broken egg!