The Holiday Games List



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Happy Holidays Everyone!

It’s Cami from Game On Family here to share my favorite holiday games.  This is our first official email since launching the site 1+ year ago, so it’s totally normal if you don’t remember signing up.  Ha!  We currently plan to deliver a simple list of super fun games to your inbox once or twice a month.

The Games List 
December 23, 2016
by Cami Childs

Festive Holiday Games – Why not liven up your gift exchanges this year by playing Secret Santa or White Elephant?  Our game tutorials teach you how to play these seasonal games.  Check out our Holiday Games Pinterest Board for more ideas.

Games to Gift – For little ones, create a customized Memory Game using pictures of family members or your child’s favorite stuffed animals for a fun surprise.  For adults, these vintage look alike games from Restoration Hardware look amazing albeit pricey.

Simple DIY Games – My favorite indoor games of the moment involve recycling those cardboard gift boxes to make cool DIY games like this: Cardboard Skeeball, Ball Maze Game, and Bean Bag Toss.  Creative ideas to keep the kiddos (and you!) entertained during these cold winter months.

Board Games of the Month – I had a blast playing Reverse Charades with 5 other people this past weekend at a gathering with friends and our little ones.  It’s a social, easy and fun twist on an old classic game that’s perfect for your next family game night!  We’ll also try out the #1 Amazon best seller board game (as of Dec. 16th) Pie Face this holiday, which I’m sure will delight my 5 yr old niece & nephew.

Social App Games – So you and your guests don’t have any board games laying around but you have your phone?  Try Ellen’s Heads Up! game or the free Holiday Charades game available via iTunes.

Fun and FREE Printable Games – Check out our free printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt game to play while looking at Christmas lights and Christmas Charades Printable game to play during your family gatherings this weekend.

And my New Years Resolution, you ask?  To learn how to play Chess for beginners utilizing this great No Stress Chess game.

Game on!